Did you miss any of the fun programming from 2020? If so, this is the place for you! We are rewinding the Best Of 2020 (yes, there were some good things) and showcasing the fun concerts, classes and creative expression of the year! Sit back and enjoy!



DIY Thread Art

Poster Design

Fried Rice



Adulting: Car Maintenance

Adulting: Car Maintenance

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Delusional Artists




Creative Discussions

Exercise & Nutrition

Check out more Rec classes here!


Since our ability to travel is limited right now, it's a great time to escape virtually to new locales.  Check out these recordings from iCafe: Passport to Culture from Fall and learn about exotic places while you dream of the trips you'll take post-vaccine.  And take a look at where you can go virtually in Winter quarter below!

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The UC San Diego department of music hasn't let the pandemic stop them from creating, learning, teaching and expressing themselves.


Check out some of the work UCSD Housing and Dining have done with their EcoNauts series! Watch Videos!

Triton Tools & Tidbits

To help students sustain a sense of community while in a non-traditional campus environment, Triton Tools & Tidbits was created to discuss topics that will engage and enrich student life and education. Brought to you by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Check out all 9 podcast episodes here!

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The UC San Diego library has put together these fun activity books for coloring, imagining and relaxing.  Check out the Library Destress E-book here! Plus see all of their publications, each with stress-relieving activities included, here!

Price Center

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What  else are you doing over Winter Break?

ISPO has put together this handy guide for other Winter Break activities.

Need to get around? Check out Triton Transit.

Have a  great Winter Break Tritons!